Dennis Lane

Saddle and Tree Maker

I make a variety of working and sporting style saddles, with strength, stability and durability being their primary functions. All saddles are made on my own trees made in my shop and are made from timber with rawhide covering. There are many variables available in all styles. Below are some examples of the various styles that I make. If you have any queries or question please contact me for more information. I am sure I can design a saddle to fit your requirements.

Australian Stock.

A typical example of an Australian stock saddle. Dark Brown colour.

Western Stock

Rough out with inlayed seat, in skirt rigging, round skirts, SB hardware, Cheyenne roll. Natural colour.

Lady Wade

Rough out with in skirt rigging, round skirts, SS hardware, Cheyenne roll, SS bound Moran stirrups. Natural colour.

Half Breed

This model is fundamentally an Australian stock saddle,but with a seat jockey instead of a full length flap. A fender is utilized instead of stirrup leathers. Tan colour.